SAVE 30-50% on Synthetic Grass in San Diego!

Some artificial grass companies in San Diego mark up prices 50% to pay for their advertising. We get you the same high quality turf for less. JUS Turf has the lowest priced turf in San Diego and one of the largest selections of synthetic grass to touch, feel, and purchase - so you don't have to deal with the having to mail in samples either. Our prices are so low because we consolidate our freight to save on shipping costs and pass those savings on to our customers.

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KIDS PLAY AREAS/ PET AREAS Artificial Turf San Diego Just because we're the lowest priced Artificial Turf in San Diego doesn't mean we compromise quality. Our turf won’t wear as your kids run around the swing set and your dogs play fetch. No more grass stains on the knees and elbows or dogs coming in muddy.

GOLF & PUTTING GREENS Synthetic Turf San Diego Bring the golf course home and practice in your own backyard – no more waiting for a tee time. Play like a pro with professional grade turf. Add a bunker or a windmill to test your skills – we will work with any request.

LANDSCAPING Artificial grass San Diego Get rid of your lawn mower, the maintenance costs, and paying for gasoline to power your mower. No more sprinklers and no more outrageous water bill. JUS Turf's artificial lawn is great for roof-tops or decks where upkeep is difficult...

POOLSIDES Synthetic Grass San Diego Spend more time in your pool and less time cleaning it. With our turf, you can keep your pool cleaner by cutting down on excess debris. UV stabilized Synthetic turf won’t be affected by pool chemicals, so your turf will last.

WALKWAYS WALKWAYS You can use synthetic grass if you're looking for a softer walkway surface - instead of pavers, brick, or concrete. Our turf is long lasting and durable and can handle many years of walk through traffic before it needs replacement.

GOVERNMENT / MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT  MUNICIPAL Our synthetic turf is preferred for government project use because our prices are so low yet our quality and durability remains high. We've provided artificial grass for San Diego cities, county, and can provide turf for state and federal projects as well.

SCHOOLS SCHOOLS Regardless of the grade level, your school can save on maintenance costs while providing a safe surface for your students to play. We have artificial grass for pre-schools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities.

COMMERCIAL USE COMMERCIAL Office buildings, apartment complexes, and other commercial venues can make their landscaping look beautiful with natural looking synthetic grass. Not only will your landscaping look great, but you'll save money on landscaping and water costs.


We're a business that is proud to reside in the city that we service. We are a locally owned company and proud to keep money in our local economy. It is our pleasure to give you the finest customer service in our business of artificial turf facility in San Diego. Our business is unique because you don't have to mail in samples back and forth with an out of town company. You can come in, check out the turf for yourself, and actually feel it in your hands. In addition to our extremely low prices, it should be noted that we care about the local ecosystem and try to do our part in bringing attention to preserving our most valuable resource, which is water. It is our desire to help people conserve water in our great city in ways that keep their houses looking amazing and we feel that one of the best ways to do that is through natural looking, low cost synthetic grass. We feel that there isn't any better solution to keep preserving water than synthetic turf while still keeping the great American tradition of having an attractive green yard.

JUS Turf has been in business in San Diego since 1984. We keep our prices so low because have buyers standing right at the turf mills that are on the lookout for all types deals- closeouts, overages, special buys. We don't jack up our prices by passing on the cost of advertising to our customers. We pass savings on to our customers by cutting out the middle step of at the door estimates. We consolidate our freight to save on shipping costs and pass those savings on to our customers.


We have the best priced artificial turf in San Diego, and our prices start off at $1.50 per square foot. Depending on which turf and how much you would like to purchase, the prices vary. But if you come in with quotes from other companies, we guarantee you won't find better prices!


Not only do we provide synthetic turf in San Diego, but the following areas as well:

  • Carlsbad
  • Encinitas
  • Cardiff
  • Leucadia
  • Oceanside
  • Vista
  • San Marcos
  • Escondido
  • La Jolla
  • Chula Visa
  • Del Mar
  • Coronado
  • Imperial beach
  • La Mesa
  • Lemon Grove
  • National City
  • Santee
  • Solana Beach
  • Clairemont
  • University City
  • Miramar
  • Ocean beach
  • Mission Beach
  • Hillcrest
  • Point Loma
  • Learny Mesa
  • Rancho Penasquitos
  • Rancho Bernarndo
  • Mira Mesa


There’s lots of reasons to go synthetic. Here’s just a few

  • Save money
  • No lawn care
  • Preserve water
  • C02 emissions from other gasoline powered equipment and lawnmowers is reduced
  • Save time by not needing to keep a yard
  • No Hassle
  • Looks great


JUS Turf is a provider of premier artificial turf in San Diego. Being a locally owned company in San Diego, we do our best to pay attention to the smallest details and work to provide you with turf that is affordable yet high quality.

Here's a few reasons why you should do business with us:

#1. High quality artificial turf. We hope that you've done your research and that you don't pay more money for synthetic grass. Our process is all about giving you all of the information and letting you make a decision for yourself. We explain how our turf is the same quality as some of the bigger companies you may have heard of, but we pass all of our costs on to you. . Come down to our warehouse to see and feel our turf, and your checkbook will be happy you did too!

#2: Great customer service
We provide exceptional customer service, and many times you'll be able to speak directly with our owner. We pride ourselves in the fact that we are a professional company in the that provides a great customer experience for our valued customers.

#3 Get your turf same day (no long wait)
Many synthetic turf companies in San Diego have warehouses out of town, hence the need to mail you samples. Come in today and see our extensive selection of turf, and you can feel comfortable in making the right decision for your synthetic lawn project.

#4. We have a wide selection
We have a gigantic warehouse of artificial turf - so you won't have to request any samples. We have different shades of green and different types of turf, so it's really up to you to decide which turf you want and what type and color.

#5 Our Turf is Simply Beautiful and Super High Quality
We do our best to provide for you the most beautiful synthetic grass in all of San Diego for the lowest price. Our #1 goal is customer satisfaction and we have thousands of happy customers. We hope that you become another one of our satisfied customers (and you'll save money too)

JUS Turf is the #1, best-priced synthetic grass company in San Diego, California. We have a group of contractors and synthetic grass installation experts that we've teamed up with in the event that you don't have a company or landscaper to install it for you.

JUS Turf is hands down, number one company in San Diego California for affordable synthetic grass and artificial turf. We are a company that mainly focuses on commercial interests for synthetic grass as we work with a lot of schools, businesses, and things of that nature. We have been in this business for many years now, offering synthetic grass installation services to the great people of San Diego. People love our synthetic grass because we offer the highest quality around at a very affordable price. If you have more interest in learning more about our company and getting some synthetic grass yourself, then you should definitely give us a call today (858) 578-2517

Why you need synthetic grass

Here is why businesses and local homeowners need synthetic grass, especially here in the city of San Diego. If you did not know, California has been in a drought for many years now and you can get fined for using too much water. That could mean over watering your lawn. The last thing you want is a big hefty fine you have to pay because one of your employees left the sprinkler system on too long for a few too many times. What synthetic grass is going to do for you is save you from that problem and basically eliminate a big portion of your water bill because artificial turf simply does not need to be watered. Since this is fake grass, all you have to do is set it up once and then you never have to worry about it again. That is the beauty of it.

Not only is it going to save you on your water bill, it is going to save you and your employees a bunch of time because you simply do not have to take care of synthetic grass. It need no maintenance. Since you don't have to water it, it is not going to grow which means that you are never going to have to go mow the lawn. That's another $10 an hour your business could be saving by not having to hire anyone to mow the lawn all day long.

Those are two very solid reasons as to why you should buy synthetic grass, so if either of those spoke to you. We definitely recommend that you make sure to give us a call today,or just show up with the measurements of your project, pick your turf, and we can get the installation process started right away.

Residential artificial turf in San Diego

Our residential is very simple. It basically comes down to front yards and backyards. You take the measurements instead of us having to send an estimator to you (which saves you a ton of money), and you pick the turf in our warehouse. We have synthetic grass for any home that needs it in their front or backyard. We definitely recommend this service for any homeowner who is looking to save and dodge the fines that are so easy to get here in the state of California for overwatering. Synthetic grass is the perfect thing to have especially if you're a homeowner here in San Diego. Is going to be incredibly easy to take care of this turf and it is always going to stay greener than any grass will ever be. And you can get any custom turf you want with our company. So whatever the color scheme may be, we will be able to accommodate. To get more information about the out turf, please make sure to give us a call (858) 578-2517, fill out the form, or give us a visit at the warehouse! Learn More

Government synthetic grass

Government artificial turf San Diego- we provide artificial turf for San Diego County, other municipalities, the State of California and it’s agencies, as well as US Government and Military. Government official and contractors love our turf because the prices are so low and the quality is so high. And that’s always a positive when awarding a government contract. We can provide synthetic turf for all of the large types of jobs for giant government facilities that are looking to get synthetic grass installed. For example, if City Hall is looking to get artificial turf instead of the traditional grass they have, we will definitely be able to handle the job that they're asking and provide the lowest price in the area. If you are a type of business that gets government funding, then we definitely recommend that you look into low priced artificial grass, because it is not going to cost you a penny out of your pocket if you can get awarded a grant for it. If you are awarded a grant, the government will pay for all the expense it takes to get your new synthetic grass put in. If you would like more information on synthetic grass services for government jobs, then we definitely recommend that you go check out our page for government synthetic grass. Learn More

Commercial Synthetic Grass

JUS Turf is the premier provider of synthetic grass for commercial businesses, apartment complexes, retail outlets and new commercial developments in San Diego. We have provided the synthetic grass at many retail and shopping centers you have seen around town, and contractors and developers love us because of our low price yet quality turf. We are able to keep the prices so low because we don’t spend a fortune advertising, yet we maintain a super high quality work for commercial synthetic grass contractors who use our services. If you need the lowest priced, most beautiful looking commercial synthetic grass in San Diego, we are the company to call! Learn More

See what your synthetic grass can look like:

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We are a family owned company that has been in business in San Diego since 1984. We have buyers standing right at the turf mills that are on the lookout for all types deals- closeouts, overages, special buys. We pass savings on to our customers by cutting out the middle step of at the door estimates. We consolidate our freight to save on shipping costs and pass those savings on to our customers.
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Keep your pool cleaner by cutting down on excess debris. UV stabilized turf won’t be...


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Get rid of your lawn mower. No more sprinklers and no more outrageous water bill. Grows...


Practice in your own backyard – no more waiting for a tee time. Play like a pro with...


Just because we’re the lowest priced Artificial Turf in San Diego doesn’t...