Artificial grass is primarily thought of as being an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective alternative to natural grass for your backyard, putting green, or outdoor space. But recently, interior design enthusiasts have taken to using this fake grass as an addition to their homes and businesses. Artificial grass for indoor use provides an endless array of creative additions to any building. 

Here at Jus Turf, we’ve been inspired by all the ways artificial grass can be used indoors. To help give you some inspiration for your own project, check out our favorite designs of artificial grass for indoor use!

Artificial Grass Wall

Dense, realistic, and rich green, a faux grass wall can add a whole new dimension to any room. Use it as a magical backdrop for your bedroom, a photo wall in your living room, lining for your staircase, or as an accent to your modern workspace. For a bit more elegance, line the artificial grass wall with fake ivy, strings of roses, and silk. If you want to leave a bit of the wall exposed, you can even create a nice industrial look.

Vertical Garden

Want to take your faux grass wall to a whole new level? How about turning it into a vertical garden? Simply add new layers of color and texture to the wall, like flowers, lace trimmings, fake succulents, and even fairy lights.

Artificial Grass Topiary

We’ve all seen those magnificent English gardens with flat green lawns, hedge mazes, and bushes shaped like birds and cherubs. Those grass sculptures are worth a fortune, but with a little bit of artificial grass and some styrofoam, you can make your own for a fraction of the price. If you’re not one for building these sorts of things, there are plenty of places online that have ready-made artificial grass sculptures.

Comfortable and Interactive Work Space

Workdays can be long and exhausting. What better place to relax than an indoor, comfortable grass median. Employees and kick back and relax on their lunch break with a good book or take a quick nap to recharge. 

Artificial Grass Living Room Carpet

Imagine getting home after a long day and walking into your living room. The floor is covered in plush and comfortable artificial grass. It’s shockingly easy to clean, especially without those outdoor aspects of dirt and debris coming into play. Whether you’re just spending time with your family or binge-watching a new Netflix series, your artificial grass living room carpet will completely change the game.

If you’re wanting to put your artificial grass inside, the possibilities are endless. From a functional workspace to a magical bedroom, your space will never be boring. Cut, shape, and craft this however much you need to in order to create something beautiful and unique.