Here at JUS Turf, we offer services for government projects. We do a lot of work for the government here in San Diego California as we have worked on many government buildings and projects. So if you are a business or establishment that is connected to any government funding, then we definitely recommend that you seek out the most affordable synthetic grass in San Diego.

The types of government projects we do:

New city buildings-if there is a new building that is being built by the city of San Diego, then that is a type of government project. Our company will provide the most affordable synthetic grass of any type and size of synthetic grass that the building’s landscaping needs. So if you are a contractor that is in charge of that project or you own the building and are connected to the city, then you are the right person to give us a call. We will make sure to get the service done within a timely manner.

Public parks- In addition to things like buildings, we also install synthetic grass for public parks as well. This will be quite a bit of a bigger project because there’s a lot of area to cover with a public park, but there is no size of job that we can’t handle. So if you are a government official that is looking to get turf installed for a whole 10,000 square-foot city park, then you have come to the right place. Just send us the plans of whatever you want done and we can give you an estimate as well as have you check out the turf in our warehouse. The prices we give are very affordable and we do not charge you a higher rate, unlike some of the other companies.

Military Base: Outstide of office buildings in the US Military are generally covered in grass. We can make sure you don’t have to maintain them for a very long time with our synthetic turf.

There are many different government projects that we can service, there are so many that the list could go on for days. So what we recommend that you do if you really want to find out is give us a call. (858) 578-2517

Thank you for visiting our government services page and please reach out to use if you have any questions!