Synthetic grass for playgrounds in San Diego

We provide synthetic grass for a lot of the schools and day care facilities here in San Diego. With big schools, that means they have very big lawns. That means it would take a lot of watering if all of that was all grass, and that’s a huge drain on the district’s budget.. If you’re a school, this is definitely a product that you want to have if you want to provide a safe and sustainable surface for your kids. You could easily use too much water and then the school could get fined for it, not to mention the upkeep it is going to take for all of that surface area that grass would be covering. With the installation of new turf, you will not have to worry about watering this grass or taking care of it for many years. You might have to replace it every 10 years or so, but other than that, our turf is basically maintenance free. And if you are a school or a daycare facility that is looking for the synthetic grass, then you can most likely get government funding as well.