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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid with your Artificial Turf

The benefits of artificial turf are manifold, and they outweigh those of natural grass. Artificial grass does not just eliminate the need to constantly water your lawn, saving you on your water bills, but it also does away with the need for regular maintenance. You have to put in minimal effort to maintain its beautiful, […]

5 Creative Ways to Use Artificial Turf Grass Remnants

Nothing makes a better choice for lawns and putting than artificial grass. No wonder why folks are now inclining towards turf these days to replace their muddy lawns. But a lot of people don’t realize there are plenty of other ways to use artificial green. Besides adding livability to your home, turf remnants can do a lot more than just enhancing the outdoor appeal. Since leftover grass is easy to cut and install, you can try several non-lawn projects that we have shared here.