California experienced a severe, seven-year drought that placed a lot of stress on its residence and environment. Although officials have declared the drought officially over, the need for an eco-friendly lawn with natural grass alternatives is still a major priority for the state. California Drought Preparedness published a study that showed more than half of all water used in California households goes to watering their lawn. 

In an effort to prevent any further droughts and to cut water waste in general, more and more homeowners are investing in lawn alternatives and grass replacements, to do their part. Besides the environmental benefits this provides, it also gives people a chance to get creative and customize their own homes in a unique and exciting way. For those of you who are looking to participate, or who are simply just curious, we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular grass alternatives for 2019.

Lawn Alternatives – Artificial Turf

Above all, artificial turf is the most eco-friendly, low maintenance, and visually appealing grass alternative on the market today. Not once will it need to be watered, nor will it ever be overcome with weeds. The installation process is precise but easy, and you will get your money’s worth, as artificial grass lasts around 20 years. Your options of style, brand, design, and location for your artificial turf seem endless, and you are sure to be more than satisfied with the finished product. If you find that artificial turf isn’t for you, there are still a lot of other great lawn alternatives.

Grass Alternatives – Clover

Perhaps one of the most visually appealing and charming lawn alternatives is replacing grass with clover. You’ll still have the classic foliage groundcover, but without the high maintenance, fertilizer, and massive amounts of water. The clovers deep roots allow it to survive off little amounts of water, while also balancing the amount of nitrogen in the soil. It can grow in even the most unhealthy soil and resists pet urine stains and weeds. The height of clovers stays virtually the same throughout time, so mowing it is not necessary. The only downside would be that your home may become host to a small family of leprechauns if you use clover as a grass replacement

Lawn Alternatives – Moss

Moss is among the easiest lawn alternatives to manage, its only main competitor being artificial turf. The installation process is relatively easy and affordable and, like clovers, it never grows tall and requires mowing. It is a resilient surface, not easily damaged by foot traffic, but it doesn’t do well in sunlight. Your moss will thrive in the shade, so it might be best to place it in an area that is lined with high trees and bushes.

Grass Replacement – Ornamental Grass

You may have seen ornamental grass on your neighbors’ lawns or even public parks and buildings. Just like clovers, ornamental grass doesn’t require mowing and are naturally pest- and disease-resistant. They are unique in the way they grow, all in individual shapes and sizes, and are sure to attract some attention. A small amount of ornamental grass can fill up a lot of space, too. The only restriction with this grass alternative is that it restricts foot traffic on your lawn. Its beauty will help you overlook that, though.

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