Sometimes it’s hard to feel like you deserve adding something lovely to your home. Maybe you feel guilty about spending that kind of money or feel as though it’s not entirely necessary. But when you add artificial grass to your property, you can add value to it, and benefit yourself in the long run. Knowing that gives you a good excuse to make that leap and invest in that artificial grass that you’ve been wanting for so long.

How Does Artificial Grass Add Value To Your Home?

Think about what you look for when you’re buying a home. Efficiency, design, and affordability are the first things that most people think about. Artificial grass checks all those boxes. Even though it has the vibrant, green appearance of natural grass, it requires no irrigation and little maintenance. Whatever time of year, whether your location is in the middle of a drought or is being flooded by rain, your artificial grass will remain natural and realistic-looking.

Due to the cutback in water, both you and the next owners of your phone will cut your water bill in half, as well as any maintenance costs associated with regular grass as well. Some homes are placed in areas where there is difficulty growing or maintaining grass, this solves that problem as well. Instead of having to use rocks, gravel, or fake plants, you’ll have a realistic natural grass alternative. 

Additionally, artificial grass is becoming extremely popular. Your potential buyer could be looking for a place that already has artificial grass, in order for them to avoid paying the installation fees and product in the first place. There are many things you can do with this grass, from the person putting holes and playgrounds, to pet areas and an eternally green lawn. Artificial grass is also set to last up to 20 years and manufacturers generally offer a warranty for their product as well. 

Does Artificial Turf Add Value To Your Home – The Research

A 2017 study by House Beautiful showed that adding artificial turf to your property can increase its value by up to 40%. This is not only due to the aesthetic appeal that will draw the attention of real estate agents but also to the functionality and efficiency it adds to your property. So when you ask yourself, does artificial grass increase home value, the answer is, undeniably, yes. The next question you need to ask yourself is how do I get started?

Even if you aren’t planning on selling your house any time soon, you’ll still be able to enjoy all of the benefits from the turf. JusTurf has two locations in San Diego, one in Miramar and one in South Bay. Come see our turf for yourself and you’ll understand what’s made it so desirable. Visit our website today for contact information and directions to our facilities.