One of the most appealing aspects of artificial grass is the long life-span and low maintenance. Unlike organic grass, the lifespan of artificial turf will not be shortened by extreme weather conditions, insects, salt damage, fungus, or any other sort of naturally occurring damage.

So, how long does artificial turf last? Well, most experts agree that artificial grass lasts about twenty years. Yet, how you treat and maintain your grass greatly affects the lifespan. There are many ways to lengthen the lifespan of artificial turf. But don’t worry. You won’t have to put a hold on your family barbeques or soccer games. You will just have to strategize a bit to avoid any damage that could compromise the integrity of your artificial turf.

The question, “how long does artificial turf last” really all depends on how you treat it. There are all sorts of things that can damage your grass, from heat and chemicals to yard equipment and messy animals.

For backyard turf, some people have been known to place their grills or fire pits on the turf. This could be problematic, as it is not uncommon for stray embers and sparks to fall and melt the turf. There’s even the possibility of spilling oils, grease, or food that could stain the grass fibers. We recommend putting the grills and fire pits in a separate corner or on a concrete island to protect the fibers and grass of the surrounding turf.

Some parts of the turf may also be damaged by other forms of heat. In Southern California, that would be the shiny sun beating down on us. How long will artificial grass last in this instance depends on if you would consider investing in some type of awning or umbrella that can provide some shade to your artificial grass.

Pay special attention when walking on and around your artificial grass. If you’re doing some home upgrades or painting your treehouse, keep the paint and power tools at a safe distance. Those sharp objects could turn your expensive artificial turf into a sad pile of rubbery rubble.

Even the paint, though you might be able to get the surface stain off, could drip into the foundation of the turf. After it dries, it would be nearly impossible to remove without taking out the entire section of turf. If paint or paint thinner does get on your grass, wash it with water immediately to prevent it from leaking and drying. If that doesn’t work, there’s not much else you could do to remove the damage, other than replacing a section of the turf.

Having the lifespan of artificial turf reach its optimal twenty years does not have to be that difficult. Setting aside certain areas for activities will be beneficial to you because it will offer your artificial turf more protection from accidents and everyday life. Whether this is outside games like croquet, a dog who has an affinity for digging holes, spilled wine, hot grease, paint, or any number of other things, your grass will keep the look and feel that everyone loves. How long does artificial turf last all depends on how you treat it.