In the past few years, major businesses, government locations, and public buildings have all started installing commercial artificial turf on their properties. Just like owners of residential properties, companies have realized that artificial turf offers many more benefits than that of regular grass. Adding these features to a property is a simple way to have a beautiful, long-lasting atmosphere.

Commercial Turf Benefits
One of the most important benefits is that commercial turf quickly pays for itself, since it can cut back thousands of dollars in property maintenance cost. Unlike natural grass, this artificial option will save companies money by drastically cutting the costs of utilities and labor. Natural grass has always been quite expensive and proprietors have to pay for all forms of upkeep, including irrigation, mowing, and fertilization. The monthly water bill alone is enough to convert long-standing believers in organic grass into team Commercial Artificial Grass.

Many people still feel a connection to natural grass and are hesitant to spend the money or to commit to an artificial alternative. But, seeing how realistic this grass can look, and learning about the endless creative design possibilities is enough to entice even the most stubborn of people into making the change to commercial synthetic grass.

The grass can be used for all sorts of commercial properties: airports, shopping centers, apartment complexes, and even military bases. It’s an extremely versatile feature and can be used in almost any location, no matter the climate. You can rest assured that your commercial turf will remain vibrant and natural looking for years to come.

A common issue with natural grass is that heavy foot traffic, drought, rainfall, and the harsh elements can easily damage it and put an entire location out of commission until the grass is able to regrow. This can take months and be detrimental to the business as a whole. But with commercial artificial turf you will never have this problem. The grass never fades or stains and the strong fibers that it is made of can withstand an impressive amount of wear and tear.

Eco-Friendly Commercial Turf
From an environmental perspective, commercial artificial grass is a better option. These locations are a great deal bigger than typical residential properties and so whatever grass that they use (either natural or artificial) has a huge impact on the environment.

These past years, we’ve seen record low rainfall and commercial artificial grass drastically cuts back on water use. In fact, just 800 square-feet of artificial grass can save 44,000 gallons of water a year. By not using the lawn mowers, strimmers, and other lawn equiptment that requires different gases, these commercial properties are also not contributing to the dangerous carbon emissions in our atmosphere like others are. The artificial grass does not require pesticides either, so it is a non-toxic option that is especially safe for children, pets, and wildlife. Then it won’t eventually drain into local waterways, hurting the ecosystem.

All the benefits of commercial turf truly outweigh the previous preference of natural grass. With the lower cost, environmental benefits, and the long lifespan, you’d be crazy not to integrate it into your commercial property.

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