As much as we love our furry little friends, it’s not the best surprise when we see a yellow spot or deep hole in your backyard. With pets, we understand that natural grass lawns aren’t the most resilient against pet urine and the wear from day-to-day pet activities. Even the muddy paw prints and dirt being tracked into the house gets old pretty fast. It is difficult to clean and very smelly. Thankfully, this problem will disappear with our premium quality dog grass San Diego, CA pet owners recommend! Artificial lawns are a great solution for those seeking out a hygienic and aesthetically attractive solution for your you and your furry friend. So, why not consider artificial grass for pets?

Gone are the days when you’d spend your time scrubbing dirt off the kitchen floor, sweeping up gravel, and re-patching large areas of your grass! Our artificial grass for dogs is perfectly safe, able to withstand the wear and tear from active pets, and easy to clean. We focus on finding the perfect blend of artificial grass product, installation technique and maintenance schedule to accommodate each individual. Our staff will work with you to help determine the right design for your artificial turf for pets. You can install the pet turf wherever you want, inside or outside, and it’ll work just the same. Your dogs will love the feel of it too!

You and your pet will relish the benefits from switching over to an artificial grass lawn. Not only will artificial grass prevent dirt and mud from getting tracked into your home, but because there is no mud, this makes for a fantastic outdoor space for bath time when your pet gets into a mess. There’s also no need to worry about the water buildup thanks to our optimal drainage. Water and other liquids will drain right through which means that your pets will avoid any standing water. Our artificial dog grass in San Diego, CA will contribute to an environment that is free of pests such as fleas, ticks, gophers, and moles to prevent the spread of disease and disruption of your lawn. You’ll also enjoy the odor-controlling effects of our artificial grass which reduces odors caused by the ammonia left from pet waste.

Pet-friendly turf will always be a great alternative to the normal grass that just gets messier and messier. Jus Turf has a wide selection of artificial turf for dogs, giving you the freedom to choose the right look that will suit your landscape. We’ve been providing realistic artificial grass in San Diego for over thirty years and our products just keep getting better! Visit us in Miramar or South bay today!

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