Why Use Synthetic Turf for Your Lawn?

Jus Turf’s synthetic grass in San Diego can help you create the lawn of your dreams but without all the hassle of maintaining an organic lawn. Artificial lawns are free from watering, mowing, edging and fertilizing. The synthetic material prevents pets from inflicting damage to the turf and will stop your furry friend from tracking those dirty paw prints into the house. Synthetic turf won’t carry allergens and instead, will save you precious time and money.

Is Artificial Grass Safe?

Artificial lawns are safe for all including children and pets. In fact, a common use for artificial grass is for playground surfaces. Certain types of synthetic turf are softer than natural grass, which can help prevent injuries during playtime. Artificial lawns also produce no pollen, so this will be most beneficial to children suffering from allergies. Concerns surrounding the potential toxicity of artificial grass materials, however no evidence has shown that these products are harmful under their designated use conditions. Research on synthetic grass materials are ongoing to ensure the safety of turf products for the consumer.

Is synthetic turf appropriate for residential landscapes?

Of course! Although synthetic turf has made its early appearance on athletic fields, it is has now been developed for residential use. There are many reasons for homeowners to choose synthetic turf over natural grass including low maintenance, less water wastage and a lawn that will stay perpetually green all year round.

Will my Homeowners Association or city allow synthetic grass?

We recommend checking with your community, city planning department or homeowners associations (HOA) before installing synthetic grass due to any restrictions that may be placed on aesthetic alterations on front yards or other areas of property.

How Long Does It Take To Install?

On average, artificial grass installation can take from one to three days.

Who Can Install Artificial Turf?

Jus Turf works closely with several contractors who specialize in artificial lawn installation. Simply ask any of our staff and we’ll refer you to an experienced contractor.

Is Synthetic Grass Pet-Friendly?

Yes and not only that, but for pets of all types. Jus Turf’s synthetic grass is especially dog-friendly and can be even be used for professional pet boarding. The artificial material cannot be stained and pet urine will drain through it. Other messes and accidents can be easily washed away with a hose. Now you can forget about those dirty paw prints getting tracked inside your house!

Is This Safe for the Environment?

Yes, artificial grass is completely safe. Our synthetic turf is manufactured with the most strict environmental-friendly standards. Owning an artificial lawn will also aid in water conservation.

Will Artificial Grass Reduce Pests Such as Bugs and Rodents?

Yes, artificial turf overlays dirt, which will prevent insects from acquiring their food source. Other pests such as small animals like rats, rabbits and groundhogs, can’t consume the synthetic material, so they won’t be attracted to your yard.

Is Synthetic Grass Maintenance-Free?

Although artificial lawns will relieve you of certain upkeep duties such as watering and mowing, occasional cleaning will be required in order to keep your synthetic turf sanitary and retain its natural appearance.

Is artificial grass made in the USA better?

Yes, US-made turf is made with a stiffer yarn that holds up to the San Diego sun and UV rays. It is also laboratory tested and approved and made without any unknown chemicals. For the best American-made artificial turf grass San Diego, CA has to offer, contact us today.

Can you come provide a free estimate?

Bring your measurements to us for a better price on synthetic grass in San Diego, CA! You'll end up paying less per square foot with us. With other companies that come to provide a "free" estimate, you'll end up paying more eventually.

How do I care for pet turf?

We recommend using an enzyme cleaner and organic infill to maintain your dog grass in San Diego, CA. We sell non-toxic enzyme cleaner that is safe for pets and the turf.

How am I going to haul the product home?

Our turf can be folded down to be about 500-600 square feet so you can fit it in a truck or SUV. If you can't haul it yourself we offer delivery of our artificial turf grass in San Diego, CA, and the surrounding areas for $75.

How do I get the best looking lawn in the neighborhood?

Come touch and see our turf so you can see how beautiful it will look in your space! We have the most realistic synthetic grass San Diego, CA homeowners love. Our artificial grass can be rolled out and displayed for you to see, and we also have our turf installed out front so you can see how it looks and feels in the sun.

What features matter when selecting quality artificial grass?

When you're looking for artificial turf grass in San Diego, CA, stiffness is important. Contrary to what you might think, the softest grass isn't the best quality. Turf will get significantly softer in the intense sun so it needs to be stiff to hold up to the sunlight and foot traffic. Soft turf will smash with foot traffic and get curled down by the sun. Don't worry if our turf feels stiff because the sun will make it softer. Visit us for more information and to feel our high-quality artificial grass for yourself. Blade Shape is also important. Our grass has an S blade which is stronger than a standard blade. Turf with an S blade is a superior product, looks more realistic, and will hold up to the sun and foot traffic.

Can installing synthetic grass make my home cleaner?

Yes, having synthetic grass in San Diego, CA will help keep your home clean! Your floors won't get messy with dirt and debris from real grass being tracked inside.

Will I save money by installing turf?

Yes, installing artificial turf grass in San Diego, CA will help you save a significant amount of money on your water bills. According to the EPA, Americans use a combined 9 billion gallons of water each day on landscape irrigation. Most homeowners will save hundreds to thousands of dollars per year, depending on the lawn area and water costs.

How do you maintain synthetic grass?

One of the top benefits of synthetic grass San Diego, CA homeowners realize is that it's virtually maintenance-free. You can use a leaf blower or plastic rake to clean any dirt and debris. If you get a weed you can use a vinegar salt solution to kill it. If your grass is looking dusty, you can hit it with a light spritz of water from a hose to knock the dust off and spruce the color back up.

How can I have a quality putting green in San Diego?

If you're an avid golfer, our artificial turf grass in San Diego, CA is the perfect material for a home putting green! We recommend a sand filled putting green because of heat expansion and contraction. The sand will keep the material down while others will ripple and buckle in high heat.