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5 Creative Ways to Use Artificial Turf Grass Remnants

Nothing makes a better choice for lawns and putting than artificial grass. No wonder why folks are now inclining towards turf these days to replace their muddy lawns. But a lot of people don’t realize there are plenty of other ways to use artificial green. Besides adding livability to your home, turf remnants can do a lot more than just enhancing the outdoor appeal. Since leftover grass is easy to cut and install, you can try several non-lawn projects that we have shared here.

Pads for Pets
Pet owners prefer artificial turf for many reasons. After covering your backyard with artificial turf if you are left with some remnants, use them as potty pads for your pets. Dogs are cats are particular about places they litter. To keep away the hassle of cleaning the grass, consider using remnants. They can be easily washed after your pets answer nature’s call.

For small spaces
Who says artificial turf can be used only to cover the backyard space? Small spaces can be filled up easily with leftover turfs, which is available at cheaper prices. Without spending much, you could bring turf in different pieces and in specific dimensions to place them wherever required.

DIY Projects
Using the remnant turf, you can create masterpieces like green seat covers and bathroom rugs. Consider covering planters and flower pots to create a go green theme. To elevate the aesthetic appeal of your garden, add smooth turfs to seats. As turfs are easy to cut, you can create different shapes and designs to decorate your lawn. Even there is an option to decorate doors and windows with cut-outs of fake grass.

Minor home applications
One of the best ways to use artificial grass is through minor applications like floor mats, and doormats. You don’t only have to cover the outside space, think of getting greens inside the house. Replace those car floor mats with artificial mats that feel soft. Use doormats to wipe off dust before entering your home or carry it along on your camping trip to keep your feet clean. Also, you can cutouts as cushions over steps at stairs. Not only this will enhance safety but will also raise an aesthetic appeal.

Home decor
Ideas to use artificial turf are more than you can imagine. Add greens to your little one’s room to create a jungle theme or add green on gym walls to feel like working out in the middle of woods. Consider adding a remnant mat at the outdoor dining area for resting feet while enjoying family dinners.

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