artificial grass

5 Great Reasons to Consider Artificial Grass

Artificial grass holds year-round curb appeal, reduces environmental demands, and helps maintain good air quality. According to JUS Turf Synthetic Grass and Supplies, ecological reasons to install artificial grass include reduced water and fertilizer use. In addition, lower demands on local groundwater supplies prevent water mining, where groundwater supplies do not replenish fast enough to supply clean water to everyone.

Landscapers and homeowners frequently cite these five reasons to install artificial grass:

Water Use Reduction

Using less fertilizer reduces algae overgrowth in the surface water carried by rivers and streams and stored in lakes and ponds. In addition, artificial grass attracts fewer pests, eliminating the need for pesticides.

Air Quality Protection

Bare ground has no erosion resistance. Artificial grass covers bare ground, reducing dust. Additionally, since it does not grow or spread, you do not need to mow or trim, eliminating air pollution produced by gas-powered lawn care equipment. Lack of pollen, seeds, and trimmings creates fewer allergens, causing fewer asthma attacks.

Pest Reduction

No grass clippings, roots, or seeds means fewer pests. Rats, mice, and insects use grass trimmings as nesting material and camouflage. Beetles and grubs eat roots, while seeds attract birds and squirrels. These attract predators such as coyotes, foxes, and hawks. All these animals leave droppings, which attract still more pests in a vicious cycle.

Fire Protection

The materials used to manufacture artificial grass have changed to include flame retardant and fire resistant materials. Instead of dry grass forming embers, artificial grass simply melts or singes. Although your artificial turf will not keep embers from reaching your roof, your fake turf could serve as an added zone of protection, making wildfires less likely to affect your home, especially combined with a fire suppression system installed on your roof.

Curb Appeal and ROI

Because it stays green year-round, artificial grass adds curb appeal. Despite a hefty initial investment, costing about $8.00 per square foot versus $0.40 for real grass, your artificial lawn will save you as much as $200 a month in watering costs. You do still have to water when pet wastes and dust accumulate, though.

Consult a professional turf installation company today to learn what artificial grass might do for your home. You could see up to 100 percent or more return on your investment, between the increase in your home’s value and the decrease in lawn care expenses.