Artificial Grass Maintenance Tips: Do Away with Stains and Pet Waste

It goes without saying that artificial turf doesn’t require the same care and maintenance as real grass as it isn’t susceptible to insects and weed but it does undergo some wear and tear both because of high traffic and being exposed to natural elements. So, even the best artificial grass in San Diego will require some time and attention. No need to be alarmed, caring for artificial turf is not that daunting a task!

In the case of real grass, all kinds of stains eventually grow out but that isn’t the case with artificial turf. Assuming you would have invested in the best artificial turf in San Diego, CA, you would also like to ensure it looks as good as new even after a couple of years! Here is how to care for your turf from stains and pet waste:

  1. Taking Care of Stains

With kids and pets running around and you and your close ones enjoying a backyard barbeque every once in a while, it is imperative that something will spill, leaving a mark somewhere in your backyard. Stains left by tea, coffee, alcohol, and the like are quite easy to clean. All you need to do is blot the liquid with a towel and rinse the surface using water mixed with mild detergent.

If you are dealing with stubborn stains resulting from substances such as cooking or motor oil, grease, and the like, you may have to replace the mild detergent with a stronger alternative. Try using mineral spirits to clean the stain. The cleaning process remains the same as above.

Sometimes you may even end up with chewing gum or tree sap stuck in the best artificial grass in San Diego but you don’t have to worry as these also come off easily. Freeze the gum or sap with dry ice and scrape them off the turf. 

  1. Handling Pet Waste

If you are worried that with pets at home it will be difficult to maintain your turf, you are simply overthinking! Cleaning up after your furry friends is pretty easy. You just have to let the solid waste dry before removing it. It is advisable that you rinse the turf with cool water thoroughly to get rid of the stench.

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