Benefits of Artificial Turf Athletic Fields

Everyone knows that artificial turf has made a name for itself in the home improvement game. But artificial turf sports fields have been steadily gaining popularity for a while now. More and more, we’ve seen turf soccer fields and baseball artificial turf fields. Whether it be a major sports arena or a simple high school soccer field, there are so many benefits to investing in athletic turf.

Benefits of Artifical Turf Sports Field

Sports fields endure a lot of activity. Cleats pull up grass and dirt, leaving the field a patchy mess after every game. Then, once the rain hits, it becomes Mud Central. The field is slippery and uneven, covering everyone in dirt and grass stains. During the seasons, the fields get patchy and inconsistent, either yellowing or drying out. They must be constantly mowed and managed, which leads people to think it might not be worth all the effort.


Artificial turf sports fields don’t have those problems. No matter how hard the rain hits, no matter how intense or frequent the games are, the athletic turf will remain strong and intact. You’ll never have to wait for the grass to grow back, nor will you have to douse the artificial turf field in pesticides to keep the bugs away. In general, it requires much less maintenance than organic grass. It just makes more sense.

Baseball Artificial Turf

Baseball artificial turf is among the most popular types of athletic turf. Because of how often baseball cleats tend to cut into the grass in general, the baseball artificial turf has to be thicker and more durable than other forms of artificial turf, like those for patios or putting greens. Most athletic turf baseball fields also use a specific Velcro system so that they can easily replace the umpire and batter areas.

Turf Soccer Field

One obstacle that sports stadiums and teams have to deal with is the unevenness of organic grass, caused by animals, cleats, or weather. With an artificial turf soccer field, the ball and players can skate smoothly across the grass without any fear of tripping or injuring themselves. The grass will also be easier on the soccerballs themselves, extending their lifetime. The athletic turf is also specifically designed to withstand the impact that soccer cleats and balls have on the field.

One of the most appealing aspects of artificial turf sports fields is that it will stay vibrant and green whether or not it is watered or mowed. The athletic industry already has a lot going on and the last thing they need is to be constantly maintaining the grass on their sports fields. Having an artificial turf field is more cost-effective, manageable, and just generally makes life easier for everyone.

With an artificial turf field, you’ll no longer have to worry about matches being canceled or rescheduled due to poor field conditions. The athletic turf will look fantastic every single day. For any of your artificial turf needs, give Jus Turf a call!