Buying Artificial Grass for Home? Consider These Factors

When it comes to shopping for garden accessories, your budget isn’t the only thing that matters. It can be a daunting experience when you don’t know where to start with. Don’t let yourself worry about starting with the shopping process because we’ve listed essential factors that you can consider while purchasing artificial grass wholesale in San Diego, right away!

These days, artificial turf has become a favorite piece of home décor for almost everyone. It’s a good investment as long as you’ve got the right kind of fake grass for the area you have been imagining to decorate for a very long time. Do your homework before purchasing artificial grass wholesale in San Diego as it’s the key to a quality presentation.


Of course, there should be no compromise with quality even if it’s fake grass. It’s among the most critical factors because a good quality artificial turf would stay for a longer period of time. While evaluating the quality, check for weight, and density. The volume of the grass has a significant effect on how realistic the lawn looks. If it’s of good quality it will look very close to how real grass looks. Moreover, high-quality artificial grass would feel extremely soft to walk on. Ultimately, it all depends on how well it’s stitched, which material has been used to make it, and the density of the color if that would stay the same throughout.

Amount of Traffic

You may be having children, pets, or many members at home. Quite obviously, it’s not only you who is going to walk over the artificial grass laid out on the lawn. Chances are children might play outdoor games or your pet might get a good day’s sleep while laying on it, which is why you will need a durable turf and can handle a good amount of traffic. Installing the right kind of turf as a good quality turf won’t wear out easily even on handling heavy traffic regularly. If you’re investing in fake grass, consider its quality based on the activities and comfort level.

Pile Height

Considering the length of the grass blades you’re about to purchase is imperative. You might wonder why it is so. Well, a lawn can be made lush-looking specifically when the grass blades are taller in length. Perhaps, it’s a logical reason one should see when wanting a thick and dense lawn area. If you intend to make your lawn more natural-looking, go for a pile height that’s about 30-37 mm. regularly brushing them certainly is an ideal method to keep the blades intact.


There’s a reason why people prefer to install an artificial turf for their home more compared to natural grass. Most of us know that keeping natural grass means setting out separate time for watering and maintaining it to keep it alive. However, it’s not the same with artificial turfs and people love it. If you get wholesale artificial turf in San Diego, you will save a monumental amount of time and cost on its maintenance. The trick here is to just brush the blades regularly to keep them upright throughout. Additionally, you can also use a vacuum or leaf blower to maintain the cleanliness and freshness of its look. Simply, do it once a week and you’re good to go.

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