Easy Maintenance Tips for Synthetic Grass

Artificial grass has proven significantly beneficial, keeping your property exceptionally appealing throughout the year. There is a chance that you are afraid of the cost associated with installing this synthetic grass. Yet, today, according to Lawn Kings, installing an artificial lawn turf costs about $8 per square foot, translating to $6000 for a 750 square foot property. Thanks to this statistic, you can get your return on investment only after two years. Yet, with excellent maintenance, this will be easy to attain. Here are a few tips.

Keep the Grass Clean

Take the time to clean and remove any debris, dust, and dirt on the synthetic turf. Removing these elements will ensure that your grass does not choke in the soil, losing its appeal in the long run. You’ll need to use a reliable hose to remove organic material that has hardened on this grass. Applying more pressure comes in handy in ensuring that the process is more seamless.

However, it would be best to avoid corrosive chemicals in this process. These chemicals might make the grass lose its appeal. Instead, use clean water to remove the accumulated debris and dirt. You could also consider brushing the synthetic grass, particularly when removing stubborn stains.

Use the Right Equipment

You must always use the right equipment to clean the synthetic grass. Various options suffice in this instance: rake, leaf blower, and hose. Having suitable equipment ensures that the process is painless, saving you time and effort. They will also ensure that the turf lasts for a more extended period.

A hose is an excellent investment that allows you to rinse the turf from time to time. However, this device is more useful if your region does not receive rain frequently. A rake will help keep the synthetic grass unmatted and fresh. However, it would help if you considered one with plastic bristles instead of metal ones.

Avoid Reflective Surfaces

Undoubtedly, you want value for your money. This can only happen if your synthetic turf lasts for a long time. Using reflective surfaces on this grass will significantly reduce longevity. Keeping reflective surfaces away from the grass will often help reduce the damage in the long run. Instead, you might consider shaded areas.

You do not need to struggle to keep your synthetic lawn healthy. The insights provided above ensure that your yard is more appealing and durable, assuring you of value for your money.