Three Myths About Growing Trees Around Artificial Grass/Turf

Who doesn’t like a house surrounded by trees, and especially the one with a big, beautiful backyard? Everyone does! Not only trees give shades to the property, but they also add texture and color to the yard. 

But when it comes to adding artificial turf around trees, a lot of homeowners take a step back because they think trees and artificial grass don’t get along. Believe it or not, it’s a myth.

In this blog, we are popping the bubbles of some popular myths about growing trees around artificial grass.

Bulging roots wreck the artificial turf

Though the myth is not completely wrong, you can still grow plants and enjoy big trees around artificial grass. Mainly, tree roots grow downward in the search of water, but they also spread out for stability and to pick up nutrients. Some types of trees like conifers have shallow roots that push the soil surface up over time. When you don’t want trees to wreck your artificial turf, pay attention to the variety of trees in your yard. 

Artificial grass choke out trees

Although the turf is not natural, it’s not a plastic barrier either. Artificial turf is specifically designed to keep weeds from growing, but it doesn’t keep the underneath soil from receiving moisture, which is essential for growing trees. It also has superior drainage to allow water to easily pass through without getting accumulated for long. 

Raking up debris on artificial turf is difficult

If you believe getting rid of leaves, dropped from trees, is a daunting task, you must think again. You can use an air blower or power broom, just like you use it for natural grass, on your artificial turf. Even you can consider exploring different types of rake while buying wholesale artificial grass, available on sale. 

Now you know, like natural grass, artificial grass is also friends with trees and plants. And, therefore, you can easily buy wholesale artificial turf for your backyard, without worrying about surrounding trees and plants.