4 Things You Should Avoid Doing to Or on Your Artificial Grass Turf

You cannot deny that artificial grass turf is easy to maintain, and good quality turf is incredibly hard wearing. It is not just able to withstand frequent and heavy foot traffic and children playing on it but also cope with use by pets and the demands of garden parties. But that does not mean that it is completely indestructible. While it doesn’t require much ongoing maintenance, there are a few things that you should avoid in order to avoid damage and to keep your lawn looking as good as new for years to come. If you have recently had your backyard or front lawn revamped with artificial turf, the last thing you would want is do anything that causes it to get damaged permanently. When you take care of the grass properly, there is no reason why it shouldn’t last you a few decades, which makes it a very sound investment. With that in mind, let us look at some of the things you should never do to or on your artificial turf:

  • Using strong chemicals
    Artificial turf is quite resilient, and can easily hold out against common mishaps like spilled paint or pet waste and there are simple ways to clean it. However, there are a few things that can cause grave damage. Artificial grass is usually made from petroleum-based products, which should be kept safe from harsh chemicals. If the grass does come in contact with such chemicals, it can lead to permanent discoloration and stains, causing the turf to look faded in patches.
  • Picking or pulling at the fibers
    Artificial grass is made up of two main components, which are the synthetic fibers and the backing. The backing is usually made from latex. When you shop for artificial grass, you need to check the data sheet to find out the amount of force that the fibers can tolerate before they come undone. However, if you pick or pull at them, chances are they will be pulled free, no matter the quality of the backing.
  • Exposure to fire or extreme heat
    Good-quality artificial turf isn’t made of flammable materials, but it can melt if it is exposed to fire or even high heat. While it will certainly not go up in flames if someone happens to drop a cigarette or an ember falls off your grill or fire pit, the best way to prevent any kind of damage would be to keep smokers off the grass and to either grill somewhere else or create a concrete buffer or one made from some other hardscape material.
  • Making holes in the grass
    You can use your artificial turf for a variety of purpose, including setting up a volleyball court or building a playhouse for your kids. But make sure that you avoid using anything that may punch holes in the turf’s backing because that can cause irreversible damage.
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