Don’ts of Artificial Lawn

Having a picturesque garden with a stunning yard doesn’t mean you need to have fuller trees and flowery shrubs everywhere. Especially, if you are residing in a building, it becomes impossible to achieve such kind of space. Thanks to the modern synthetic lawn for sale, you can attain an attractive looking turf anytime, anywhere. However, in order to maintain its lovely look, as an owner, there are a few things that you should stay away from.

Don’ts of Maintaining the Shine of Your Artificial Turf

  • Don’t modify the cleaning ritual as mentioned in the instruction manual of your artificial grass as provided by the company.
  • In the case of family and friend get-together and gatherings, don’t bring any barbecues or fire pits close to your synthetic grass.
  • Don’t use a rake or any metal teeth to clean the bristles or remove dirt off the grass blades.
  • Don’t walk on a freshly installed synthetic grass at least for 24 hours. This is because the glue used to keep the grass intact in the space might come off and result in the seams coming apart.
  • Don’t push or drag heavy furniture and items like chairs, tables, or any other equipment over the grass. This damages the blades of the grass.
  • Don’t let weeds take over your lawn. Yes! you read that right. Although you did get an artificial lawn for sale that makes the possibility of weeds really low, yet there are chances that some weeding might occur. This can be due to the spread of weed seeds by birds, heavy wind, or simply through your outside worn shoes.
  • Don’t park your personal vehicle or car over your artificial turf. The back and forth driving of a vehicle tends to leave skid marks over the grass, thereby, damaging the turf in the long run. Furthermore, if there’s any accidental oil or fuel leak from your vehicle, the stain tends to leave a permanent mark over the turf.
  • Don’t fail to be mindful of the water pressure while hosing down your synthetic turf while cleaning. As much damage leftover unwanted residues, sticky spills, or pet wastes can cause, high pressure from the water can be a bit too harsh for the blades of the grass. Ensure you scrub them off thoroughly with gentle care.
  • Don’t let your pet poop settle over your artificial lawn. The long sitting time can cause that particular area to catch on the stain with an unpleasant odor. Remove solid wastes immediately. In case of liquid discharge like urine, hose down the area and drain the dirty water. In the end, wash it with fragrant soap and water to remove any foul smell.

Final Word

Whether you have installed an artificial turf outside your home or within an indoor space, following these donuts will help you maintain the quality and upkeep of your freshly bought synthetic grass. In case you are looking for some high-quality custom grass installation ideas for your space, feel free to reach out to us at 858-578-2517 or click here to receive a quote.